Twelve Days and the Thatcher – the blurb!

The concept for the novel – which is essentially a love story, had come about when Anna (local best friend) employed a thatcher to re-do her roof. Without giving too many plot spoilers, here’s the book blurb…..
Twelve Days and the Thatcher: Cleo is new to a small Devonshire village, it’s August and when her husband takes their son to Italy to visit his family she is left alone in their new cottage to oversee the re-thatching of the old dilapidated roof. Unhappily married and grieving for her old life in London – Cleo is miserable and lonely when she meets Marcus the thatcher who is recently divorced. The attraction between them is immediate and the two fall hard for each other over the next twelve days. It seems to be destiny that the two meet at a vulnerable and unhappy time in their lives. They reach out to ‘fix’ each other but they have so little time. They are caught in a ‘life pause’ and Cleo knows it, but she can’t think beyond those Twelve Days and the Thatcher…… well that’s my blurb folks. See I can write serious stuff as well!