Top Of The Posts Charts!

high tea

So here’s the charts and the top of the posts! Basically, these are my top 5 posts and they like to jostle around for supremacy but here they are in order roughly!!

A joint groover at number 4 is 34. Village survival, the *joy of a new oven!

A new entry at number 4 is 24.Village Survival, an interview with Execellent Magazine.

In at number 3 is a nonmover post pickers  18. Village survival, a Colourful (Parental) Visit.

New in at number 2 is the groovy  20. Village survival, the Post Office!

and NOW new in at number 1 is 40. Village survival, a guaranteed muffin top! which has usurped that old favourite  15. When we took part in the ‘Village Open Gardens’ by a Devon country mile!

As you were!