50. The food of love?

February! The month of love right? It’s time for Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s Arrow or as my 8-year-old daughter calls it “Cute pig’s arrow,” and if it’s that one hurtling your way – you might want to duck.

So how will you show your love this month, will it be flowers? chocolates? A dinner date? Personally, I’m not mad keen on being given flowers – I’m ungrateful like that and I’m also a little bit off sugar at the moment and therefore a whole box of Milk Tray would be a bit de trop.

I’m more of a fan of giving and receiving little thoughtful gestures throughout the year which is super handy because………..

Ted, the attentive husband that he is, purchased something for me which made me feel, loved, adored and cherished! Yes, out of the blue he bought me a packet of #crumpets!


Bear with……..

Ted, who knows I’m a lover of all things High Tea had me at crumpets (anyway) but these weren’t some pappy low rent ordinary crumpets (made with the flour swept off the factory floor) No Siree Bob. My considerate husband had only gone and bought me these bad boys to try!

Marks and Spencer’s 6 Ultimate Five Grain Crumpets! In bold and underlined as they deserve!


They are like the Gwyneth Paltrow of crumpets, fresh, glowing and possibly quite self-satisfied with a particular bias towards healthy living.

Because I’m not a selfish person I’m going to talk you through my Ultimate Five Grain Crumpet *experience (Be alerted; this is not a review!!!)

1. I popped the crumpet into the toaster. I like to turn up my toaster for crumpets and then completely forget I’ve done that and consequently burn the toast/house down the next morning. But it’s worth it because it’s always important to adequately toast a crumpet or suffer the consequences. No one wants a tepid and flaccid one. You’re looking for a crunch as you bite down and then a spongy melted butter laden interior. Ok?

2. I buttered the crumpet immediately, but not before burning my fingertips during the removal thereof from the toaster. Make sure the butter goes down the holes and perforations of said crumpet. Thems the rules.

3. I applied my topping of choice. I went with a modest layer of, some might say safe but in my opinion trusty strawberry jam.  I have listed below what is and isn’t acceptable with regards to toppings, please take note.

4. I bit into the crumpet, the shell was crisp and delightful and the centre a yummy gooey 5-grainey fluffy slightly wholemealy experience. It’s not for everyone – I’ll be honest,  those who like a more traditional-recipe crumpet might possibly be offended. However, I was not and will be happy to add this particular crumpet to my high tea repertoire with pleasure.


So how do you eat yours?

Unacceptable toppings

I’m personally not happy with marmite or cheese or any other savoury toppings? In my opinion, that’s just unsavoury!

Acceptable Toppings

Butter, jam, marmalade, lemon curd, honey, chocolate spread. You know I’m right, don’t even argue with me.

If you are living somewhere where you do not have access to crumpets should you want access to crumpets then I’m sorry for your loss. Try making some. **Good luck with that.

All the decent Crumpets, In bold and underlined as they deserve!

Thing is, I haven’t tried all the decent crumpets from all the leading supermarkets because:

a, I’m not that helpful.

b, Well, it’s just my opinion and crumpet texture and taste, much like deliberations over fine art, are subjective.

c, You might not want me telling you which crumpets to eat. Perhaps you’ve been chowing down on Warburtons for years and you’re sticking with them, right?

Interesting bit of etymology regarding crumpets.

The crumpet is a food which originates from Anglo Saxon England, first referenced in 1382 when they were called Crompid Cakes – and they say we’re not a culture of gourmets!!!!

As you were!

PS, Have you given or been given any unusual, or thoughtful Valentine’s gifts?  Pop them in comments…..

PPS, Turning Up In Devon Blog turns two years old at the end of February…..hip hip hooray and an overly exuberant, while no one’s looking, chair dance of celebration!!!

*not a review of Marks and Spencer’s Ultimate 5 grain crumpets.  Try one and see what you think for yourself. You are, after all, entitled to your own opinion!

**Risky! Very difficult to make so they may well be a bit #sh!t


6 thoughts on “50. The food of love?

  1. Oohhhh I love a crumpet. And as you say, it has to be toasted to perfection. I have to admit though I’m a huge fan of cheese on a crumpet, especially with a bot of tomato and cucumber. I’m now really hungry and It’s got to be a crumpet! Thanks for linking up to the final #FridayFrolics and your support with the linky. Thanks for the giggles.

    Liked by 1 person

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