44. Getting emosh about emojis!

Emojis are sooooo useful and particularly helpful at the end of a text to – that arsy school mum or your mother-in-law when you really don’t want to put X.  They punctuate and embellish our messages and are on hand when you can’t be arsed to type actual words. Hell – emojis are so damn cool they’ve made a movie about them and a whole load of oversized and repellent polyester cushions found at fairgrounds the length and breadth of this country.

However, do you ever find yourself thinking ‘I need a certain emoji but it just doesn’t exist – dang it!’ Super frustrating right?

Only the other day I was having a text convo with a local friend and felt somewhat anguished by the lack of a ‘scone’ emoji. Yes, I could make do and use a cake emoji or sell out with a chocolate chip cookie – I agree, they would both loosely convey baked goods but frankly, I couldn’t evade a sinking feeling that they simply weren’t good enough. We were, after all discussing the important and venerated subject that is Devonshire Cream Teas. 

Now, I know I bang on a lot about scones and it borders on an obsessive-compulsive disorder but surely you agree with me that an emoji should be able to accurately describe the subject matter to render it fit for purpose? How many of us are sending messages on a daily basis with potentially inadequate and inappropriate emojis? I say again – it’s not good enough – and may well be causing unnecessary messaging misery.

So, I decided to meet this on the front line and blimmin’ come up with some of my own emojis. After all – Necessity is the mother of invention!

A scone: an all-purpose emoji, appropriate for any general scone related subject matter.

scone emojis 1.png

A smiley scone: this may be used in context to articulate a positive encounter with a scone. For example, baking a successful batch or indeed chowing down on a memorable cream tea.

scone emojis2.png

An unsmiley scone: this is helpful for expressing displeasure with a scone. For example, a stale one. Or perhaps a scone which crumbles up when attempting to spread it with jam and clotted cream – thus leaving you disappointed and disillusioned.

scone emojis 3.png

I ask you, do you have a hole in your emoji collection? Do you suffer systematically from inadequate emojis which stifle your typing creativity?  Perhaps there is a regional or personal emoji that you would like to see on your phone slash device? Pop any ideas in comments so that we can open up a platform of discussion and start taking a serious investigative look at this worrying tech deficit.

As you were!

PS, if you like this post, you might like this one too! which also happens to be about err… scones but hold back the river (leave it James Bay!) I am capable of writing about other subjects such as this one and also this one! If you like what you read – do give me a mention on social media so that I can spread a bit more of the Devon word. Ta, xx

The lovelies over at Friday Frolics have only gone and made me a featured blogger with this post………awwwwww fanks.

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12 thoughts on “44. Getting emosh about emojis!

  1. Your scone emojis are epic & I’m wondering now how we’re managing without them. My emoji angst is not knowing what emotion some of them represent and not wishing to look stupid by misusing them. Keeps me awake at night. I think there’s definitely a gap in the market for coteetcampagne’s suggestion. I’d sure make good use of it.

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