42. Village survival, Sofa King Comfy!

This week I’m talking design! I’m talking fashion but more specifically I’m talking Loungewear or what I like to call Sofawear, because the sofa is king right? Luckily I’m not really talking because that would be a vlog or a podcast or something with actual  noise and I don’t think you’re ready for that………

Ok people, get on board. It’s that time of the day (anything after midday will do) when you can legitimately slip into something a little more comfy and those of you who don’t fancy your negligee and feather boa will know that I mean Sofawear. This fashion trend has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years – do you know what I  blame? – skinnie jeans! Yes, those bloomin’ lady-garden suffocaters, those huge-arse unforgivers, those calf skin exfoliators denims. These tourniquet tight jeans need to come off as soon as you get your constricted arse through the front door. But the blame doesn’t just lie with skinnies! No! Other fashions are putting trend before comfort such as the off the shoulder tops – Gypsy, Bardot and peep hole shoulder trends that are sweeping the global fashion scene. But just take a moment to think through the consequencescold shoulders – which leads to neck pain and before you know it a tension headache! Equally that tight pencil skirt and those natty high heels that you’ve worked in all day need to be sacked off and left on the floordrobe asap. Have you ever even considered what fashion is doing for your muscular skeletal health?

A comfy pair of trews, in case you were wondering!


 Sofa(r), sofa(r) good!

So Sofawear is here to stay. Gone are the days of a slinging on a pair of old frayed Tracky B’s and an ancient jumper/sweater. We now have a huge choice of loungewear, we may even own an attractive pair of loose fitting trousers and cachmere socks and with our hair worn in an effortless loose bun we look Instagram worthy in our own homes fo sho’.  socks.pngBut what does the future hold for sofawear, what can we expect to see next? Do you even care? Well, here are my unresearched and shoddy predictions for your delectation:

  • There will be shops/stores just for loungewear. I heard recently that a new store will be opening soon on a high streeet in my nearest city called Sofa King Comfy! I’ll be there.
  • Normal clothes made of less comfy fabrics will only be worn outside of the home.
  • Cashmere socks will become so popular that the world will smell like a goat’s arse in a bid to keep up with demand for wool.
  • Furry onesies will become a criminal offence (punishable with community service) on all persons older than 10 years.
  • Men’s romper suits will indeed take off and men the world over will find these versatile and comfortable even if they do look like Prince George when he was two.
  • The romper will lead to a rise in popularity in the boiler suit too. Yes, I’m nodding in recognition at you B A Barracus for being the founding father of this khaki camo staple. But I’m predicting that t-shirt material will be the break out fabric for this unisex trend. You heard it hear first. Probably*.
  • Wardrobes will consist of 70% sofawear with workwear/uniform/sports clothing/occasionalwear constituting just 30% of your wardrobes. You slobby bunch.

Here comes the sciencey bit (I knew that Groupon online beginners psychotherapy course priced £9.99 was £325 would come in handy at some point). So why else are we turning to sofawear or loungewear? Why has it become such a phenomenon? – and other open ended inane questions? Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Soft, loose fitted clothing is comfortable. I know. I’m good, right.
  • Loungewear gives us punctuation in our day. When we’ve finished our shift, our work day or put the kids to bed, changing into something comfortable moves us seemlessly into downtime. And also means you don’t have to hold your stomach in anymore. Win.
  • We’re simply staying in more – in a word(s) Box Sets! Marketing everywhere is retraining us to love our homes and we’re taking our gardens/yards seriously. We’ve decided our patch of grass is now an outside room.  Imagine twenty years ago –  if you referred to your garden as an outside room, someone would have told you to stop being such a nobhead and rightly so. And when we’re staying in (thanks Netflix) then we’re certainly sofa surfing in sofawear.

Sofawear that is unexceptable

Anyone else sick of leggings? It’s fair to say I king can’t stand them. They had their place like 10 years ago…if Idina Menzel has tried to teach us anything during her extensive musical career – it’s to ‘let it go’. Air grabbing here is optional. I suggest a sacrificial leggings based bonfire in your outside room.

Velour, anything velour is not allowed. No exceptions. Don’t even give it eye contact in Primark or Walmart (for my North American readers).

The aforementioned furry onesie (on adults) – before these are formally abolished  please stop wearing them. They are not ok – not even when worn ironically.

The slanket, if you’re wearing a slanket – then you have given up. This is the equivalent of prehistoric couchwear and should be shunned by persons everywhere!

Hair up. bra off, sweats on.

Now it’s over to you. How important is sofawear to you? What time do you put yours on? What do you buy for sofawear or for your down time at home?? Are you staying in more and calling your garden/yard – an outside room? – is that even ok?

Pop your comments in errr…comments because I can’t read your minds.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader Click on the link to enter with a design post!

*Probably not


4 thoughts on “42. Village survival, Sofa King Comfy!

  1. Yes I agree on nearly all of the above. But Trev will never wear one piece lounging wear, apart from his birthday suit.
    I known someone who takes their bra off THE MINUTE they get home from work.
    I find I am getting out of my harem style pj’s later every day and putting on slobout gear earlier and earlier each evening.
    It helps that stylish pants can even be worn to answer the door to anyone other than your mother or the builder.
    It helps that I don”t do video calls with clients (dangerous when your partner considers a certain type of one-piece acceptable lounge wear. And we do now live in a thoroughly eccentric French village.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was putting my sofawear addiction down to age but you’re so right – the skinnies are to blame. The boot cut jeans of our youth were kinder and altogether more forgiving and we happily kept them on till bedtime.

    A straw poll of the tween, teens & olds I’m holidaying with reveals the following:
    – Lycra makes great daytime sofawear – no intention of going to the gym required.
    – Uniqlo is leading the way in loungewear design.
    – No one under 40 owns a dressing gown anymore. Hoodie & pj bottoms for the youff.
    – A few props by the front door are all that’s needed to accessorise evening loungewear up to acceptability for neighbours, relatives and other cold callers –

    Trackie b’s? Trowel or dog lead.
    PJ’s? Hot water bottle & thermometer.
    Onesie? 3D glasses & popcorn.

    Loungewear before 11am requires a full fat coke = hungover = perfectly acceptable.


    1. I really should have got you on *research* for me!
      I will be very sad to see the demise of the dressing gown but you’re right, the youff of today are mad about their pj bottoms, hoodies and slippershoes (are they shoes? are they slippers? tis a mystery). ps love your list of props – epic xx


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