33. Beefing on about Wellingtons!


The Wellies and the Wellie wearer!

1. ‘The Dullard’ – as the name suggests – a very dull wellie boot, supplied to the nation via a plethora of dimly lit and cavernous outdoorsy clothing warehouse emporiums, such as Go Outdoors (I hate a shop that tells me what to do! Build A Bear! Accessorise! Eat! Ahhh Jeff off!). 

Dullard Debra. Debra isn’t interested in wellie boots, her bog standard turbid green (little-toe grating) stalwarts are perfectly serviceable for mucking out the ferrets, driving the John Deere up the back paddock (sadly not a euphemism) or doing the school run. She doesn’t have any truck with those expensive fleecy welly boot socks either. Yes, a pair of inflexible Dullards are perfectly adequate and (not that Debra cares) they go well with her dog-haired covered fleece of the same joyless colour. Debra *may* have been hoping for a pair of pretty spotty wellies from Asda for Christmas (sad face emoji)………and some of those frivolously cheery fleecy welly boot socks (sadder face emoji).

dullard copy.png

2. ‘The Fakeass Jolly Spotty’  – ‘Joules’ type wellie boot effort (no rubber trees were harmed in the making), supplied to the nation in bulk by leading supermarkets. On a busy (multi-laned bastard) roundabout near you.

Spotty Suzanne. Suzanne loves a floral/stripey/spotty welly boot, it adds a little colour and pizazz to her welly boot days (it’s always pissing down when she has to get Poppy to playgroup) and there’s no way Suzanne is paying through the nose for a pair of muddy puddle jumpers (so do one Peppa Pig) especially when Mondelli Pinot Grigio Blush is on offer and the kids swimming lessons want paying for. And you can do one dry January as well!.

fake jolly.png3.’The Aspirational Jazzy’  – patterned wellie boot that aspirational people wear, supplied to the nation by aspirational shops LIKE Joules, Cath Kidston, Boden etc.

Jazzy Julia. Julia loves an aspirational patterned wellie boot with the extra buckle detail. They are a bit like Hunters only prettier and more patterny. Julia likes the way they go with her indigo skinny jeans and they even seem to coordinate with her jazzy patterned anorak too (if you squint – with the sun behind her). Yes, Helen loves a patterny branded wellie that was expensive enough but not silly money like Hunters. Helen says,”Why pay nearly £100 for a pair of welly boots? Seems ridiculous!”. Helen just wants a pair of Hunters……

4.’The Lurid’ – brightly coloured Hunter Wellie Boot, worn by ‘bonkers’ people all over this land – supplied to the nation by companies LIKE Hunter at multifarious garden centres across the British Isles.

Lurid Lizzie. Lizzie loves her Hunters, she considers them to be the superior wellie boot but she’s not going to have a safeass navy pair or gah! – the black ones! No siree Bob! When she’s taking Whippets – Andy and Murray out she wants to be noticed in her (canary cadaver) yellow Hunters – bonkers – what is she like! Yes she likes a sturdy, iconic, royalty endorsed wellie but she’ll be damed if she’ll conform to dreary ‘farmer’ green especially when she can get the stupid coloured ones at a knock down price in TKMaxx. “What am I like? Bonkers, you know what I’m like!” she says as she bends down to scoop up Murray’s third turd of the walk, even her warm crap-filled poo bags are a jolly jazzy colour! Lizzie is going for bright coral when her current Hunters wear out……what is she like?


5.’The Leathery’ – looking boot which isn’t a wellie that pretentious people who may not actually own horses wear because they think they’re above the humble welly boot. Supplied to the nation by companies LIKE Dubarry in those 1950’s style posh independent shoe shops for old and posh people who always wear waxed jackets.

Leathery Lavinia. Lavinia did have a pony when she was growing up but her top rider days at Pony Club are alas a distant memory. Nowadays she doesn’t favour a wellie boot and as such will only wear her (like) Dubarrys and would never go back to conventional wellies. “I just don’t like the feel of rubber on my skin,” says Lavinia whose husband nods disappointedly in the background. Lavinia is secretly pleased that her daughter Isabella went off ponies, ballet is so much more…well how do I put it – economical! Especially as her husband’s post redundancy ‘consultancy’ work hasn’t panned out, the house needs re-thatching and the Land Rover keeps breaking down…..she may have to get a job or face a life of abject financial misery……a Ford Focus….rubber Dullard wellies……shudder!

6.’ The Champagne’ posh Welly – Le Chameur, worn by people with 400 quid to spend on wellies, supplied to the nation by proper posh companies such as Le Chameur and quite possibly sold at Harrods (I haven’t done the research if I’m honest).

Champagne Charlotte. (Lady) Charlotte (St John Smith) lives in the Great House (old money you know) and she is often seen strutting about the village in her (like) Le Chameurs. She isn’t even really aware of the leather lining or the full length zip, it’s just luxury that she has always known. Lady Charlotte walks her grounds shod in (like) Le Chameurs all year round with Bunty and Bracken, her Airedales yapping at her side.  But she isn’t smug or snobbish and often integrates with us commoners. In fact she’s always first in the wellie wanging arena at the May Day village Fete  – ready to hurl some low grade rubber…….be a dear and pass her a Dullard would you!

Wang trphy

What sort of wellie wearer are you? Do they brighten your rainy days or bring shame upon your shoe rack?

As you were! x

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

17 thoughts on “33. Beefing on about Wellingtons!

  1. Oh god I totally agree with coteetcampagne, I love this. Thank goodness you’re back. I was worried there for a minute. Wellies are a bit of a sore point for me. Need them for dog walking but can’t find any that last more than five minutes. Perhaps your readers could help…


    1. Great to be back ta. From my small survey (3 people) it seems that lots of us have beef with our wellingtons! I would personally endorse the Kiwi sheepskin company and get a long pair of their boots, they are so thick (yes they make Nigel Farage look quick witted) that they don’t let in any rain per se and have a super chunky grippy sole innit. Failing that, a more heavy duty equestrian boot might be more robust. As you can tell I know jeff all about wellies, just don’t tell Lucy I didn’t do any research!! (welly boot emoji)


  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! You are back. I’ve missed your wonderful posts. Love this. Do you know our school car-park is one flipping massive big muddle puddle at the moment?! I had to swim out the other day. This has also reminded me that shop round corner has sale on Hunters wellies. We only wear Hunters on Jersey, daaaaaarling ;-). I am going to have to go and get a snazzy red pair now! #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m only a jeffing leather welly wearer, only with out the posh haha. When I went to Glastonbury (back then when I could do what I liked) they had a roadside swap shop where you could switch your knackered old George’s for some shiny orange Hunters. I didn’t, because I didn’t even have wellies back then, but once we were in every woman in sight was clad in Orange Hunters! #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was in a department store buying new shoes for the little one the other day and trying not to pass out at the price. There was another Mum who purchased her daughter new Clarks shoes, Nike trainers and some Hunters wellies. I wanted to let her know that you can get wellies with Peppa Pig on them for seven quid in Asda. I’m sure her little girl would have loved them! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics


  5. Oh how I have missed your fabulous writing! There are plenty of mentions of the word ‘turd’ in this to keep me laughing for days! I have to say that I think you have nailed the different types of wellie wearers in such a brilliant way. I think I am the ‘I live in the country but refuse to become a wellie wearer’ type!! Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Haha! I never knew I should be worried about what my wellies were saying about me (not much – don’t wear them unless I have to!) I think I have another type of welly & owner: The Brexit, worn by Twatface Farage.

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics

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