19.Village survival, the Scarecrow Competition!

scarecrow comp copy

I had just finished writing a rather ‘steamy’ chapter in my novel Twelve Days and the Thatcher and was reading over what I had written, when the landline rang! It was a local number which I foolishly answered without thinking. I soon regretted it because it was Meryl Watson – editor and chief of the Vertonbridge Parish Mag! Without too much preamble Meryl asked me to do a write up of the local Scarecrow Competition (a double page spread – no less) because she was going ‘in’ to have her varicose veins ‘done’ and would therefore be laid up for a while. She thought I might be up to the job – what with me being a journalist (in the past) and a writer – oh the honour and joy….must update my CV with this one.

So the Vertonbridge Valley Gazette (local newspaper, not the parish mag, keep up) organises the Annual scarecrow competition which encompasses all the villages in the ‘valley’. The paper likes to promote it heavily and in doing so whip the villagers up into a lather of inter-village competiveness. You’d think that the prize for best scarecrow would match the hype right? – no! The prize was a pair of full blooming luxury hanging baskets from the local Nursery. My track record with ‘caring ‘ for hanging baskets meant that this was enough for me to want to move house to a sophisticated city. Exeter was calling………..dot dot dot.

You may remember from my post when we took part in the village ‘Open Gardens’ that we already had a homemade scarecrow, but because of the recent wet weather ‘Donald Trump’ had not faired too well (he was currently lying facedown and flaccid over our slug eaten lettuces – where he probably belonged) and the real Donald Trump (atishoootosser – there goes my hay fever again) had had enough air time frankly. So I decided that the children and I should start from scratch and make a new one (obviously a rubbish one so we didn’t have a hope in hell of winning the hanging baskets). But who/what should we do? Could we do Mr Bygraves the headmaster who was quite scary? Deirdre Snellon from the Vertonbridge Horticultural club (Dictatorship) who was cat’s-bum-mouth scary? On deciding that we didn’t want to be expelled from school or indeed the village we settled on ‘Gru’ from Despicable Me!!  Lottie (aged 6 and always up for ‘crafting’) and Toby (aged 9, more of a Minecrafter than a crafter) actually had ‘fun’ making him. We had a go at the old blow up a balloon and slap papier mache on it for his head, then we stuffed an ancient anorak with screwed up magazines and Anna (local best friend) lent us the striped scarf which basically pulled our shoddy effort all together – along with some borrowed blow up Minions. Does that mean I can tick off crafting until at least Christmas? 2018.


Despicable scarecrow alert: ‘Gru’ and two of his Minions!

Anyway, here’s my piece of local (award winning – probably not really) hard hitting investigative journalism that went into the Vertonbridge Parish Mag! Anything in italics got cut out like Meryl’s varicose veins unfortunately!

Parish Mag1

Parish Mag copy2.png

More next week.

As you were!

PS. Thanks for ‘bearing with’ this post because I appreciate that for some, scarecrows are of the same ilk as clowns and therefore fairly creepy/unsavoury/repugnant. You did well to get through it. X

PPS. It’s the Mumsnet Blogging Awards. If I’ve given you cause to snigger, chortle, giggle or even LOL with my bloggingness – I would love nominations for the category ‘Best Comic Writer’. My URL is https://turningupindevon.com Thank you! Every person who nominates me will get a mention in the Vertonbridge Parish Mag (probably not really). Ta

Note to myself: the one about the Scarecrow Competition.

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30 thoughts on “19.Village survival, the Scarecrow Competition!

  1. Really enjoyed this post and discovering your blog. I used to write the village newsletter when I was about 12 and the c**p fonts brought it all back. Glad to see not every village has ‘gone Facebook’ in this crazy modern world. #chucklemums

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  2. Wow, I’m kind of impressed with the creative entries. It takes some commitment to create a Gru, well done you. I’m more impressed, however that you were able to fill a full page spread with a scarecrow story and make it amusing. You are fabulous.


    PS. Dropped you a wee vote for Mumsnet- best of luck!


  3. Tee hee! Trump brings out my hay fever too! The slug-eaten lettuces are too good for him though. A very accurate parish mag! Thanks for linking to #WhatImwriting

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  4. Such creative writing and really great to read. I feel that I could read it again (and I will) and pick up on even more.

    Mainy – myrealfairy


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  5. These are extravagant scarecrows! Lol The Ab Fab crows are my fave. Although I think your Gru and minions were FAB as well. Lovely little write up there haha. Thanks for the laugh and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great idea having Patsy and Edina in there. I’ve just seen the film and they are becoming a bit scarecrowish and film is about the worst i’ve ever seen, tho JL is amazing at the end – take me to her stylist!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haven’t seen the film yet and in fact my cinema viewing pleasure looks like the BFG & Ice Age this summer! May have to wait till AbFab comes out on Betamax but Vee excited by Bridget Jones Baby the movie – can’t wait. x


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