11. Writing in the real language of love….

………..Tea, Biscuits and Cake!

Warning: this post may have you reaching for the biscuit cupboard!

tea and cake copy
When I’m writing I do like to have a cup of tea on the go and some sort of accompaniment such as a biscuit or a piece of cake (if I could get away with it, I’d go for a full Devonshire Cream Tea, two fresh all butter scones heaped in clotted cream and strawberry jam). As I’ve been writing my novel Twelve Days and the Thatcher*this week, I’ve worked my way through a few gallons of tea and several tasty accompaniments! Whilst doing this it occurred to me how much I really really love a cup of tea with biscuits and or cake and couldn’t imagine daily life without them. And the same goes for my long suffering husband who I also really really love and who has supported me and my writing career forever and has always been my rock! So anyway in a few idle moments (instead of skiving off or scrolling through social media) I decided to write him a few lines using the real language of love – tea, biscuits and cake…..

Cup of tea

To my Dar(jee)ling,

We may be a couple of old Fruit Cakes, you’re going a bit Earl Grey and Garibaldi but you’ve still got great Currant Buns and I’m not quite so Fondant Fancy or indeed Ginger Thin(s) as I was when we first met! Life is always a Viennese Whirl down here in Devon Cider Fruit Cake and parenting together is often a Rocky Road – running ragged after our lovely little Jammy Dodgers. 

Jammy dodgers

You always get lots of Brownie points for being such a great Dad and although we might never be Millionaires Shortbread, we’ve got a Custard Slice of the good life and at least we’ll always be Rich Tea in familyness and…. ….Sponge Cake!
I knew you’d be my Gingerbread Man from the very first Melting Moment* we met in that Muesli Bar in Chelsea Bun and although I can be a bit Shortbread tempered sometimes and you can be a bit of a Doughnut, at least when we have a Chocolate Tiff(in) and both get Hot Cross Bun, you always end up saying something Nice! You’ve always been my Rock Cake, and a Profiterole Tower of strength, which means, you’ll always be the best accompaniment to my every cup of Tea! XXX


Viennese whirl  GARIBALDI







Right I’m going to crack on with some more writing – the Jammy Dodgers will be back from school soon!
Inspirational words of the day! Enjoy your tea, biscuits and cake of course!
More next week.
As you were.

I do love a footnote! Reminds me of being a student.
*1.Twelve days and the Thatcher – explained in 10.Village survival, writing research and how I interviewed my male lead!
*2.Yummy oaty biscuit with a cherry in the middle. May have to start a campaign to bring back Melting Moments which are languishing somewhere in 1982!

NICE bisc
Note to myself: My letter to my darjeeling husband in the language of love – tea, biscuits and cake!

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20 thoughts on “11. Writing in the real language of love….

  1. Oh I loved this!! Very well written and it’s got me craving a jammy dodger (wish I hadn’t done that healthy online shop now…what was I thinking?! That I could go without biscuits this week?! Will have to quietly pinch the toddlers malted milk (cow-giscuit) althought that doesn’t quite cut it). My kind of romantic writing too! 🙂 Hope you get a hot cup of tea and a lovely biscuit in return. #chucklemums


  2. Love this! Love the biscuit poem too. I’m the same, i can’t help but write with a piece of cake in my hand and a chocolate digestive to dunk. p.s your pictures are ace! #chucklemums


  3. Oh no! I’ve read this and now I just want to eat biscuits and cake! I can’t think of anything else and my brain is running round the kitchen cupboards thinking about what we have in; and the answer is nothing because if they were in I would eat them all! I have no self control! #WhatImWriting


    1. I like to panic if I don’t have anything cakey/biscuity in, which is usually about 2 days after i’ve been to the supermarket! Sometimes I resort to nutella on toast but it’s not the same! x


  4. Ha! Loved this. I live in Minnesota, USA, so your musical way with words, the expressions you use, and the yummy treats you have over there livened up my morning (and my appetite)! Thank you. #WhatImWriting


  5. That love letter is all kinds of awesome! ‘Great currant buns’ – tee hee! Thanks for linking to #WhatimWriting


  6. Oh My! Hillie, you very nearly had me reaching for the biscuit tin… But we don’t keep them in (because they get eaten – there is logic in that. Honest).

    I haven’t had a proper cream tea in years after consuming vast amounts of clotted cream in my early years, and my body misses it. There was always a pack of Garibaldi and Nice biscuits in the cupboard when growing up.

    I’ve always been a Viennese Whirl or Jammy Dodger kind of girl – I’m sure a personality expert would have a lot to say about that… Can you imagine being able to get a personality analysis on what biscuits you eat?



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