The Liebster Award (yay!)



Firstly I’d like to say a mahoosive thank you to for nominating me for a Liebster Award. It is indeed an honour and a privilege (welling up here).

The Liebster Award is intended to welcome and promote great new blogs to the happy blogging community. It’s a classic Q&A, you answer your nominator’s questions, then you pose your own to the other newbies you nominate (and you copy the badge, because bloggers LOVE a badge. Especially one that says ‘Award’ on it)

So, here’s the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.
Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
Answer the ten questions you’ve been asked.
Nominate 5 new bloggers that you want to share with the world.
Then create ten new questions for the bloggers you are nominating.
Notify the bloggers that you have nominated.                                                                                  BTW, nicked all of the above from Beta Mummy’s Blog!

I’d like to nominate the following blogs and pass on that Liebster love:-                                                                                                                                                            And I’d also like to TRIPLEY nominate because I’d love to hear her answers too!!!!!

My questions to you lovely Bloggers are:-

1, What’s your favourite weirdest sandwich filling?

2, Which celeb would you have around for dinner?

3, Your worst holiday destination (like ever).

4, TV, Computer or Book?

5, What is your favourite Kid’s film?

6, Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller for a date?

7, What’s your secret favourite (not really allowed) Pop song!

8, If you could fly in the sky or swim under the sea, which would you do and why?

9, Victoria Sponge or Carrot Cake and why?

10, What makes you you in 5 words (soz a bit homeworky)?


Questions from the fab draw-er/blogger Beta Mummy and my answers, hooray!

Name your favourite band/artist?

Back in the day I liked a bit of Nirvana (had the sweary T-shirt and everything!) Now more of a Belieber and often found shaking it off with a bit of Taylor Swift…I blame the kids!!!

On a scone, do you add jam first, or cream?

You’re asking a Devonian! (Ok Ok an interloping Devonian) Of course it has to be cream then jam but when I’m chowing down on a delicious toploaded scone – it means nothing to me oh Vienna! BTW, love this question!

If money (and practicality) was no object, which car would you drive?

A 4×4 that didn’t guzzle any fuel and runs on Tom Hiddleston’s smiles and funny quips (then he’d have to live in the garage too!)

What’s your favourite place in the UK?

Durdle Door in Dorset (loving the ley lines?? sorry Devon!!!) but really anywhere with a decent Coffee Shop will do me if I’m perfectly honest. I’m easily accommodated!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

About 20 but only wear my convs, birks and uggs so the rest are pointless part from my going out shoes which get trotted out periodically and rub my heals! I throw them into the wardrobe cursing their name… and then I forgive them and they do it to me the next time, it’s a cycle of shoe abuse.

What are you wearing right now?

Plus fours and a deerstalker (just checking you were concentrating). Oh my skinny jeans of course, live in them!

What was your first ever job?

A rubbish cafe at Gloucester Bus Station, was fired for dropping a teacake into an old lady’s lap by mistake! Serendipitous as I got a way better Saturday job in Debenhams after that! 😉

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A racehorse – sleek, elegant and talented! Or maybe big bummed, long faced and a bit flighty sometimes!

What is your best character trait?

Caring (my husband just told me the answer – he’s after a steak for his dinner).

And what is your worst?

Being a right procrastinator and a grumpy/stressy traveller “we’ll never make that flight arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!”

7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award (yay!)

    1. I noticed you’d looked at my blog so I clicked onto yours and was really impressed! I really like your interviews and championing authors plus I’m keeping an eye on your book reviews! You defo deserved a Liebster! PS have only recently found a whole of comments in my inbox which explains my delay in getting back to you! Am having to get my head around al things bloggy and technical!!! x

      Liked by 1 person

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