8. Small Village Survival, kids & phases!

right here right now

This week’s post is rather shorter than usual because it’s been the school holidays and therefore Bloggus Interuptus. Normal Blog service will resume next week with a fully stocked buffet car.
Having the kids; Toby (8) and Lottie (6) at home these past 2 weeks has been super cool in so many ways. Lots of cuddles, laughs, playing (mammoth Connect 4 tournaments, kitchen football matches) as well as the quintessential and always on trend – squabbling, whinging, crying and farting (don’t miss that when they are at school all day). This hols is the first time I’ve taken a proper pan out like a movie look at our family and the stage we are at and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in a phase that I don’t actually want to end! The old sand timer is going and little grains of their childhood are slipping through – that sounds properly over dramatic doesn’t it (like bit of drama/tension). You see, here’s the crunch (insert the crunch of you choice, driving on gravel, biting into a crunchie or chowing down on a Kettle chip)my kids still like hanging out with me! When I say still like hanging out with me – they still think I’m slightly vaguely cool and what I say is possibly quite interesting/true/sometimes funny. You notice the over use of still, its my buzz word! Perhaps I should stop laughing at my own jokes long enough to check if they are really are laughing! OK OK, I’ll admit that Toby finds me mildly embarassing in public places and open displays of affection are a big “Err no Mum”now (big bear squeezes when no one is looking at home are just fine though appaz!)
We’re at the KIDS stage (I call it that, can’t say Kiddies without wanting to vomit, this is a no-to word for me) they aren’t even preteens, they are KIDS! And in many ways they are bloody good company.
Gone are the baby/toddler years when “the days are long but the years are short” which is the mostly aptly apt saying ever aptly said about this time eveeeeeer. Those were some really testing phases with extreme lack of sleep and personal space as well as all the amazing/super cute stuff and milestones but it’s truly mind blowing how quickly this really does pass and suddenly you have a growing up Kid! Wow.
They don’t need me so much but they still need me a lot (if you get me). I can sing loudly along to the car radio and dance around the kitchen to music at home – yes I’m still allowed. When I have the odd Saturday afternoon bath, they both still want to jump in with me. So for now I’m going to hang on like hell for the plentiful cuddles and the silliness and the laughing at my jokes and dancing with me to Just Dance 4 and singing ‘History’ (love a bit of 1D) at the tops of our voices in the car…..hang on like hell. Talking of music – If Fatboy Slim has taught us anything at all, it’s all about :- Right here, right now. Right?

Car header
More next week. Have got loads to tell you from the village!

Inspirational and motivational words of the day:  Go on, get a bit of Fatboy Slim on the old Youtube wireless, memories and flashbacks are complimentary.
PS. The mended Swan (from the easter egg hunt post) was released onto the (lame) river by the bridge in our village this weekend. The local press were there (yes really) and lots of villagers showed up to watch (yes really). The Swan didn’t seem to like the attention and it’s leading part so it honked and flapped madly and promtly flew off (didn’t even do a fly past by way of gratitude) and it hasn’t been seen since. Perhaps it was offended by the provincial rag Papps and experienced scary flashbacks to the village Easter Egg Hunt! 6.Village survival, when the Easter Egg Hunt went a bit….
PPS. HunkyThatcher Man has finally finished working on Anna’s house (Anna being my local best friend) which is an arse because I wanted to interview him for research purposes on my book, will have to email him! 5. Village survival, nearly the four day weekend!
PPPS. Anna went for a marriage guidance session with Ben and said it was sh*te – her words not mine! 4. Village survival, 132 cupcakes.                                                                        PPPPS. Have done lots of novel writing in the evenings and I’m proper pleased with myself. 1.Village Survival, starting from now!

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I’ll let you get on now. As you were. X
Note to myself: The phase with the kids that I don’t want to end.

3 thoughts on “8. Small Village Survival, kids & phases!

  1. I love this – reminds me that things (might) get a bit easier … my two are 2 and 7mo and whilst I love it, it is EXHAUSTING. I’m happy that I might be able to still dance around the kitchen when they’re older though 🙂 xxx


  2. My kids just *love me dancing about to Wondetstuff Size of a Cow, & their Dad’s moves to Prodigy Fire Starter! Throw in a bit of Divine Comedy and the word ‘arse’ in National Express and it’s all good!!
    Totes loving your writing! It’s like Vicar of Dibley but with a Sex send the City spin!!

    Liked by 1 person

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